Q: Why do I need a formal completion bond, deferral, or escrow arrangement?

A: This ensures funds are available to cover unforeseen production or post-production expenses which could prevent the successful delivery of your project to the broadcaster.

Q: Do TVOntario and Knowledge Network qualify for the Rogers Documentary Fund?
A: Yes, if you have also sold the production to another Canadian broadcaster (regional or national).

Q: What is the difference between “anticipated financial scenario” and “final financing scenario”?
A: “Anticipated financial scenario” is how you intend to finance your project, outlining your potential funders. Once all the parties have committed, you may submit your “final financing scenario”.

Q: What is a fair market value license fee?
A: The license fee you receive from your broadcaster should be in line with what the broadcaster would normally pay for a similar project – given length, budget, and other factors.

Q: Can I apply with a Letter of Intent in order to meet the deadline, stating that the commitment letter is to follow?
A: Your broadcast commitment is an essential requirement for access to our funds. Your license commitment (a letter) must accompany your application.

Q: Can an application be postmarked by the application deadline or must it be received by Rogers on the deadline?
A: Applications must be received in our office by 5pm on the deadline date.

Q: Why does the Rogers Documentary Fund only accept limited series up to five episodes?
A: The fund was designed for single or POV documentaries, rather than series. Limited series allow us to stay within our mandate.

Q: Why do I need a legal opinion on the “chain of title” for my documentary?
A: We must ensure that the producer has all necessary rights to produce and market the documentary.

Q: Does Rogers Telefund finance tax credits?
A: Rogers Telefund will consider banking tax credits under certain circumstances. We must have a working relationship with a producer and/or production company, and require a “tax credit history” (a list of recent federal and provincial tax filings).

Q: Can Rogers Telefund estimate the legal fees that will be charged to the borrower in order to set up an interim loan?
A: The legal fees incurred by a borrower relate directly to the availability of final documentation as well as the size of the loan and how many contracts are being financed. It´s not possible for us to determine what your legal fees will be.

Q: Where can I go to get development funding?
A: All broadcasters and the Canada Media Fund have development funding available.


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