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temp Alias Grace CC/DV
AG Productions ULC
Sarah Polley, DJ Carson, Mary Harron, Noreen Halpern
Documentary Channel, CBC, Netflix
Based on both the historical account of
convicted murderer Grace Marks and
Margaret Atwood's novel of the same
name, Alias Grace tells the controversial
story of the poor Irish immigrant convict-
ed of murdering her two employers.
(Drama Series)
Alphee photo still Atlantis Rising CC/DV
AP Ancient City Productions Ltd.
James Cameron, Simcha Jacobovici,
Felix Golubev, Yaron Niski

Discovery Canada, NGC Network US,
NGC Network International
Join producer James Cameron and a
team of the world's best investigative
archaeologists as they seek out answers
to one of history's most enduring and
evocative mysteries: the lost civilization
of Atlantis. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Bachman CC/DV
Mister Rock Inc.
Gilles Paquin, Chris Charney,
Kyle Bornais, Scott R. Leary

Documentary Channel
Bachman follows award-winning musi-
cian Randy Bachman as he creates his
next number one hit, with looks back to
his past through rarely seen footage, pic-
tures and documents from the National
Archives in Ottawa. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Bad Blood: The Vito Rizzuto
New Metric Media Inc. &
Sphere Media Plus
Mark Montefiore, Patrick O’Sullivan,
Jocelyn Deschênes, Virginia Rankin,
Josée Vallée

FX Canada, Radio-Canada
These six, one-hour episodes were
inspired by the life of Vito Rizzuto, one
of the most successful and notorious
underworld figures in North America.
(Drama Series)
Alphee photo still Cannabis Crusaders CC/DV
Cannabis Pictures Inc. (Ruby Tree
Films Inc.)
Donna Davies, Ann Bernier
Documentary Channel, CBC Regional
As Canada's marijuana industry ramps
up, so does demand for medical marijua-
na. Cannabis Crusaders follows the sto-
ries of several Maritime entrepreneurs
determined to carve out a place for
themselves in the lucrative marijuana
marketplace. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Cold Water Cowboys, Season 4 CC/DV
Cold Water (4) Productions Inc./
Cold Water (4) NL Inc.
David Paperny, Cal Shumiatcher,
Audrey Mehler, Mary Sexton

Discovery Canada
This character-driven documentary
series follows the action of six fishing
boats off the coast of Newfoundland
through one intense fishing season.
(Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Coyote’s Crazy Smart
Science Show
Coyote Science Inc.
Loretta Todd, Kristy Assu
This culture-rich show invites Aboriginal
youth to explore the fascinating world of
science alongside the Science Questors
as they observe, ask questions and
learn from Indigenous scientists and
other Indigenous role models. (Kids
Information Series)
Alphee photo still East Coast Fame Game CC/DV
Peep Media Inc.
Jessica Brown
Documentary Channel, CBC
Follow two Nova Scotians in their mid-
50s – a rock star and a pinup model –
who continue to follow their dreams in
this documentary about finding balance
and the spark of life needed to cope with
complicated and difficult day-to-day
lives. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Employable Me CC/DV
Employable Me Productions Inc.
Thomas Howe, Katie Lafferty,
Penny Wheelwright

Employable Me follows the lives of job
seekers with a broad range of disabilities
as they try to overcome the hurdles of
their condition, change employers' per-
ceptions and land a job. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Equator 360 CC/DV
Primitive Entertainment Inc.
Michael McMahon, Paul Lewis,
Kristina McLaughlin, Kevin McMahon
Discovery Channel
Equator 360 is a 12-hour documentary
series tracing the invisible line girdling
the Earth. Using the dizzying diversity of
landscapes, animals and people, it tells
the epic story of the rise of Eden, its vast
abundance and its potential fall. (Doc
Alphee photo still Frontier, Season 2 CC/DV
Take The Shot Productions Inc.
Brad Peyton, Alex Patrick, Rob Blackie, Sherry White, John Vatcher
Discovery Channel, Netflix
Set against the raw and stunning back-
drop of 18th-century Canada, Frontier is
a thrilling action-adventure series revolv-
ing around warring factions vying for
control of the fur trade in a ruthless
game of wealth and power. (Drama
Alphee photo still Frontier, Season 2 CC/DV
Take The Shot Productions Inc.
Brad Peyton, Alex Patrick, Rob Blackie, Sherry White, John Vatcher NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR
Discovery Channel, Netflix
This documentary series aims to shift
the colonial narrative and celebrate the
reclamation of Indigenous knowledge
and identity. (Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Jade Fever, Season 3 CC/DV
Jade 3 Productions Ltd.
Gabriela Schonbach, Michael Chechik,
David Gullason

Discovery Canada
The Bunces are back! New partners,
new sites, and new obstacles challenge
the crew as Claudia and Robin race
against time to tackle their most dramat-
ic season yet and save their family jade
mining business. (Doc Series)
Alphee photo still L.M. Montgomery’s
Anne of Green Gables 2 & 3
Gables 23 Productions Inc.
Peter Williamson, Joan Lambur, Michael
McGuigan, Ira Levy, Nat Abraham,
Kate MacDonald Butler, Ramon Estevez,
Jim Corston
The second and third movies of this trilo-
gy focus on Anne as she progresses
through her teenage years and the effect
this has on her bewildered middle-aged
guardians, Matthew and Marilla. (MOW)
Alphee photo still Last Days of Jesus CC/DV
AP Last Days Productions Ltd.
Simcha Jacobovici
VisionTV, PBS, Channel 5 Television,
SBS Australia
Based on the recently published best-
selling book The Lost Gospel by
Canadian scholar Professor Barrie
Wilson and investigative filmmaker
Simcha Jacobovici, this extraordinary
drama-doc tells the inside story of the
last days of Jesus. (Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Merchants of the Wild CC/DV
Little Bear Big Wolf Pictures Corp.
Deborah Burgess, Daniel Fortin,
Simon Gebski

Merchants of the Wild is a documentary
series mixing culture and adventure as it
takes us back in time with six First
Nations, Métis and Inuit adventurers pit-
ted against the perils of 16th-century fur
trade routes used by Oji-Cree nations.
(Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Mohawk Girls, Season 4 CC/DV
Rezolution Pictures (Mohawk Girls) Inc. Catherine Bainbridge, Ernest Webb,
Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick,
Tracey Deer, Cynthia Knight

Torn between tradition and the intoxicat-
ing freedom of the "outside world," four
young women try to figure out how to be
Mohawk in the 21st century, find their
place in the world and, of course, find
love. (Drama Series)
Alphee photo still Orphan Black, Season V CC/DV
Orphan Black V Productions Limited
Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier, John
Fawcett, Graeme Manson, Claire
Welland, Kerry Appleyard

Bell Media, BBC America
Rachel emerges from a secret meeting
with P.T. Westmorland, changed and
anointed. It's all true: the mythical 160-
year-old founder of Neolution is alive.
But how can that be? This is the mystery
of Orphan Black's final season. (Drama
Alphee photo still Pipe Dreams CC/DV
H2L Productions Inc.
Stacey Tenenbaum, Sergeo Kirby
Documentary Channel
Pipe Dreams follows five young organ-
ists competing in Canada's prestigious
International Organ Competition. Held
every three years for organists under the
age of 35, the Montreal event is one of
the most exclusive and lucrative organ
competitions in the world. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Restoration Garage 3 CC/DV
Productions Pixcom Inc.
Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers,
Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune

Discovery Canada, Canal D
Dave and his business partner Larry are
taking their expertise on the road: look-
ing for the perfect flip, the ultimate barn
find or the one-of-a-kind classic dream
car that will be their next restoration proj-
ect. (Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Rocky Mountain Railroad CC/DV
Cineflix (Railroad) Inc. and Windfall
Films Limited
Alex Bystram, Carlo Massarella,
Kim Bondi, Jane McGoldrick

Discovery Canada, Discovery UK/EMEA,
Discovery Asia, Australia Channel One
Follow an elite crew as they battle fero-
cious weather and treacherous terrain to
keep Canada's critical freight and pas-
senger trains rolling. (Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Rogue Earth CC/DV
Productions Pixcom Inc.
Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers,
Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune

Discovery Canada, Canal D
This documentary shares the stories of
victims and survivors whose lives have
been upended by catastrophic weather
events, using master interviews, testimo-
nials and up-close photos and videos
captured on cameras and smartphones.
(Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Smart Drugs CC/DV
Fathom Film Group Ltd.
Ann Shin, Melanie Horkan,
Hannah Donegan

Documentary Channel
If popping a pill could make you smarter,
wittier or increase your memory, would
you take it? Smart Drugs follows host
Derek Muller down the rabbit hole into
the world of cognitive enhancement
drugs. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Stage CC/DV
Stage Butternut Productions Inc.
Jamie Kastner, Laura Kastner,
Abby Ainsworth, Lindsay Kutner

Documentary Channel
This documentary reveals a thrilling,
unprecedented and fresh look into a cru-
cial part of the Michelin chef hierarchy:
the bottom. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still The Artists CC/DV
First Generation Media Inc.
Christina Piovesan, Nicole Bond
Documentary Channel
The Artists is a deep-dive documentary
into the first three decades of video
game history through the lens of the
designers, developers and programmers
that lay the groundwork to redefine pop
culture as we know it. (Doc Series)
Alphee photo still The Beaverton CC/DV
BVT Productions Inc.
Laszlo Barna, Melissa Williamson,
Jeff Detsky, Luke Gordon Field,
Paula Smith, Kurt Smeaton

Bell Media
A televised adaptation of the
immensely popular online satirical site
TheBeaverton.com, this series files fake
news stories of the upmost importance,
informed by real events, the cultural zeit-
geist and national news media. (Comedy
Alphee photo still The Jews Who Stole Christmas CC/DV
Riddle Films Inc.
Marie-Odile Demay, Jason Charters,
Liam Romalis

Documentary Channel
This musical documentary tells the funny
and heartwarming story of a group of
Jewish songwriters who wrote the
soundtrack to Christmas. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still The Last Nazi Trials CC/DV
TLNT Productions Inc.
Ric Esther Bienstock, Ricki Gurwitz,
Jordan Nahmias, Randi Kirshenbaum
Documentary Channel, Hollywood Suite
Through the examination of the prosecu-
tion of aging former Nazi guards, The
Last Nazi Trials
explores and exposes
Germany's attempts to seek justice for
the crimes of the Holocaust before it's
too late. (Documentary)
Alphee photo still Travelers CC/DV
Travelers One Peacock Inc.
Carrie Mudd, Brad Wright, John G.
Lenic, Eric McCormack, Jim O’Grady

Showcase, Netflix
An original time-traveling sci-fi series set
hundreds of years from now, Travelers
tells the story of surviving humans who
discover how to send consciousness
back to 21st-century inhabitants to save
humanity from a terrible future. (Drama
Alphee photo still Wild Bear Rescue, Season 1 CC/DV
Wild Bear Productions Ltd.
Gabriela Schonbach, Michael Chechik,
David Gullason, Brad Quenville

Animal Planet
The Langens of Northern B.C. run one
of the busiest bear rehabilitation centres.
Their mission: rescue starving and dis-
tressed orphaned bear cubs, raise them
until they can survive on their own and
then release them back in to the wild.
(Doc Series)
Alphee photo still Yukon Gold, Season 5 CC/DV
Klondike (5) Productions Inc.
David Paperny, Cal Shumiatcher,
Audrey Mehler, Cheryl Binning

History Television
Follow four mining crews as they battle
the elements and search for treasure in
Canada's last frontier. From spring melt
to fall freeze, it's the ultimate dirty job,
and these miners have four short
months to earn one BIG payday. (Doc

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