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Rogers Documentary Fund
temp Arctic Secrets (6-8) CC/DV
Arctic Secrets Inc.
Allan Code, Peter Raymont
Blue Ant Media
Three new episodes of Arctic Secrets
take viewers on breathtaking journeys
across the Canadian and Alaskan North.
Unlock the secrets of this untamed land
and its awe-inspiring landscapes, iconic
animals and astonishing natural phe-
Alphee photo still Atlantis Rising CC/DV
AP Ancient City Productions Ltd.
James Cameron, Simcha Jacobovici,
Felix Golubev, Yaron Niski

Discovery Canada, NGC Network US,
NGC Network International
Join producer James Cameron and a
team of the world's best investigative
archaeologists as they seek out answers
to one of history's most enduring and
evocative mysteries: the lost civilization
of Atlantis.
Alphee photo still Badass Beauty Queen CC/DV
Lofty Sky Pictures Inc.
Jason Loftus, Leon Lee, Kacey Cox,
Theresa Kowall-Shipp

Bravo Factual, New Tang Dynasty
The story of Anastasia Lin – Miss World
Canada 2015 and 2016 – is the com-
pelling journey of a young woman over-
coming incredible personal struggles to
expose the severe human rights viola-
tions happening in China today.
Alphee photo still Bee Nation CC/DV
Idle Hunch Ltd.
Lana Šlezić
Bee Nation is a heart-warming film that
follows several First Nations families in
Saskatchewan as they prepare their kids
for the first-ever First Nations Provincial
Spelling Bee in Canada. The winners go
on to compete at the National Spelling
Bee of Canada in Toronto.
Alphee photo still Beyond the Spectrum: A family's
year confronting autism
Autism Films Inc.
Merit Jensen Carr, Steve Suderman
TVO, Documentary Channel
When their two-year-old son is diag-
nosed with autism, Carly and Stef drop
everything to focus on his therapy. In
their journey of discovery, they confront
a critical question: What does uncondi-
tional love really mean?
Alphee photo still Boreal: Secrets of the
Last Great Forest
Ice Forest Films Inc.
Merit Jensen Carr, Sandra Moore
In the world's most northerly forest,
where survival is a constant struggle,
trees form interconnected communities.
Boreal explores the intricate relation-
ships between trees and how they coop-
erate with other plants and animals.
Alphee photo still Building Star Trek CC/DV
Harry Mudd Enterprises Inc./
Yap Films Inc.
Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian
Discovery Canada, Smithsonian
Channel (US)
More than a pop-culture phenomenon,
Star Trek has become an inspiration for
social progress, scientific endeavours
and space exploration. On its 50th
anniversary, scientists, actors and cultur-
al leaders delve into how it all happened
– and why.
Alphee photo still Claude Gingras, critique CC/DV
Ad Lib Films Inc.
Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau
Claude Gingras, critique offers viewers
an intimate portrait of the life and times
of this renowned classical music critic:
the La Presse journalist who shared
his passion and his insights with fellow
Quebeckers for more than 60 years.
Alphee photo still Cracking Cancer CC/DV
Y & J Productions Inc.
Sue Ridout
CBC, Documentary Channel
Why are Vancouver doctors giving dia-
betes and blood pressure drugs to peo-
ple with incurable cancer? Cracking
follows a group of Stage IV
patients participating in a highly experi-
mental – and potentially revolutionary –
clinical trial.
Alphee photo still Cut-Off CC/DV
Vice Productions (Unique) Inc.
Michael Gruzuk, Michael Kronish,
Matt Gallagher

Rogers Media Inc.
Justin Trudeau visits a remote reserve
community to see for himself the chal-
lenges facing indigenous peoples. From
sacred lands and burial grounds to
muddy roads and burned-out houses,
what will locals show and tell Canada's
Prime Minister?
Alphee photo still Equus: How Horses Made History

Equus Productions Ltd.
Caroline Underwood, Niobe Thompson
Humans transformed their world from
the saddle of a horse. Explore the evolu-
tion of horsepower, learn about the mys-
terious origins of our incredible
partnership and witness our enduring
love of horses in this three-part docu-
mentary series.
Alphee photo still Femmes oublié́es CC/DV
9223-3287 Quebec Inc.
Michè̀le Rouleau, Geneviève Lévesque
Canal D, APTN
Le documentaire intitulé provisoirement
Femmes oubliées se déroule entre
l'Abitibi au Québec, Winnipeg et
Vancouver. Il se penche sur les causes
de la violence systémique dont sont
victimes les femmes des Premières
Nations et qui sont à l'origine de la dis-
parition de plus de 1181 d'entre elles au
Alphee photo still Fox Tales CC/DV
Fantastic Mrs. Fox Inc.
Susan K. Fleming
Red foxes are the most widely distrib-
uted wild land mammal on the planet.
Get up close and witness how these
bold and beautiful creatures can adapt to
make homes from city streets to the
Arctic tundra.
Alphee photo still Ground War CC/DV
Ground War Productions Inc.
Frances-Mary Morrison, Andrew Nisker,
Diana Warmé

In Ground War, a documentary filmmak-
er attempts to unlock the mystery behind
his father's cancer. Could there be a
connection between the disease and
golf's manicured perfection?
Alphee photo still Hacktivisme MTL CC/DV
Films du Rapide-Blanc Inc.
Sylvie Van Brabant, Amé́lie Lambert Bouchard
Canal D
Head to the front lines of digital combat
as Hacktivism MTL explores the insur-
rection taking place inside our computer
Alphee photo still Inseperable CC/DV
Inseparable Productions Inc.
Judith Pyke
Inseparable chronicles the 10th year of
the remarkable Hogan sisters: conjoined
twins who experts suspect have the abil-
ity to see through each others' eyes, feel
what the other experiences and perhaps
even know what the other is thinking.
Alphee photo still Jaune #6 CC/DV
DBC2 Inc.
Nicolas Boucher
Canal D
Ce film est une quête, et une mission.
Il suivra les pistes du Kraft Dinner et
exposera l'impact social de cette inven-
tion canadienne qui sert maintenant de
modèle du marketing et de la mise en
Alphee photo still Jean-Claude Labrecque: Le bonheur
de filmer
Corporation ACPAV Inc.
Bernadette Payeur, Nicole Hubert
Radio-Canada, RDI, ARTV
An encounter with the renowned cine-
matographer and director Jean-Claude
Labrecque, one of a group of pioneers
of cinematography whose unbridled cre-
ativity defined a unique style of filmmak-
Alphee photo still Jouer dur CC/DV
MC2 Communication Média
Jean-Simon Chartier
Jouer dur offers unprecedented access
to a secret world where a few video
game designers are shaping what has
become the biggest entertainment indus-
try in the world.
Alphee photo still L'école de la vie CC/DV
Les Films Adobe International Inc.
Luc Côté
L'école de la vie raconte les efforts de
deux mères pour revaloriser l'école sec-
ondaire Chomedey, dont la réputation
est si mauvaise que les parents refusent
d'y inscrire leurs enfants. Pour y arriver,
elles tentent d'implanter un projet péda-
gogique novateur, en collaboration avec
les établissements avoisinants, le
Biodôme, le Planétarium, etc. Ces étab-
lissements, et surtout les parents,
adhéreront-ils à leur projet ? Elles l'e-
spèrent, car leurs fils entreront au sec-
ondaire en 2016 et 2017... à
Alphee photo still Last Days of Jesus CC/DV
AP Last Days Productions Ltd.
Simcha Jacobovici
VisionTV, PBS, Channel 5 Television,
SBS Australia
Based on the recently published best-
selling book The Lost Gospel by
Canadian scholar Professor Barrie
Wilson and investigative filmmaker
Simcha Jacobovici, this extraordinary
drama-doc tells the inside story of the
last days of Jesus.
Alphee photo still Le commun des mortels CC/DV
9047409 Canada Inc.
Bruno Dubé, Robert Montour, Jacques
W. Lina, Marie-Pierre Corriveau

This is the story of one life on the side-
lines of history's major events. Two tales
overlap each other in An Average
Citizen: the great history of the 20th cen-
tury and the mundane life of Everard
Alphee photo still Le patriote/The Patriot CC/DV
Intuitive Pictures Inc.
Ina Fichman, Zafrir Kochanovsky,
Daniel Sivan

Radio-Canada, TVO
The rise and fall of Gregory Chelli takes
us on a disturbing journey into the
underworld of two opposing and violent
nationalist forces in Europe: French anti-
Semitism and the Jewish Defense
Alphee photo still Les Journaux intimes d'Oslo/
Oslo Diaries
Intuitive Pictures Productions
Ina Fichman, Hilla Medalia
Personal diaries written by participants
of the secret peace talks between the
Israelis and Palestinians, as well as
never-before-seen archival footage of
the Oslo Accord peace process, com-
bine to create a dramatic thriller of his-
toric importance.
Alphee photo still Man Machine Poem – The Tragically Hip Documentary CC/DV
The Hip Doc Inc.
Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn
Bell Media Inc.
In 2016, The Tragically Hip announced
that lead singer Gord Downie has incur-
able brain cancer. Experience the cross-
country tour that followed – from
musings on what it means to be
Canadian to profound moments of
appreciation, grief and love.
Alphee photo still Mohamed Fahmy – Freedom Is Only
Half the Truth
Pressing Productions Inc.
David Paperny, Peter Klein, Audrey Mehler, Cal Shumiatcher, Emily Shank
Journalist Mohamed Fahmy struggles to
find meaning following his 438-day
wrongful imprisonment in a super-max
prison in Cairo. Watch Fahmy as he
fights for freedom of the press and
against the imprisonment of journalists
around the world.
Alphee photo still Not Criminally Responsible:
Wedding Secrets
J.S. Kastner Productions Ltd.
John Kastner, Deborah Parks
This sequel to NCR: Not Criminally
from four-time Emmy-win-
ner John Kastner follows the astonishing
series of developments since the earlier
film: including two marriages and the
transformation of six lives.
Alphee photo still Pipe Dreams CC/DV
H2L Productions Inc.
Stacey Tenenbaum, Sergeo Kirby
Documentary Channel
Pipe Dreams follows five young organ-
ists competing in Canada's prestigious
International Organ Competition. Held
every three years for organists under the
age of 35, the Montreal event is one of
the most exclusive and lucrative organ
competitions in the world.
Alphee photo still Quartiers sous tension CC/DV
Productions InformAction II inc.
Nathalie Barton
Radio-Canada, RDI
La gentrification est synonyme de pro-
grès pour les uns, de bouleversement
pour les autres. Des Montréalais qui en
sont les acteurs, les observateurs, les
victimes, témoignent.
Alphee photo still Search for the Heroes of Vimy CC/DV
Vimy Heroes Productions Inc.
Peter Williamson, Michael McGuigan,
Ira Levy, Nat Abraham, Leanne Brennan,
Raymond Storey

Norm Christie and his team of geophysi-
cists, bomb disposal officers and foren-
sic investigators are on a mission: to
locate and recover a makeshift cemetery
containing the graves of 44 Canadian
men who died in the Battle of Vimy
Alphee photo still Secrets from the Ice CC/DV
90th Parallel Productions Ltd.
Gordon S. Henderson, Andrew Gregg
In the Yukon, amazing archaeological
treasures are melting out of ancient ice.
As climate change shrinks the glaciers
and ice patches, an entirely new window
into the past appears.
Alphee photo still
Photo © White Pine Pictures
Sharkwater Extinction CC/DV
2513073 Ontario Inc.
Patrice Theroux, Naveen Prasad, Brian
Stewart, Sandy Stewart, Karen Shaw,
Rob Stewart

The action-adventure sequel to the hit
Alphee photo still Smart Drugs CC/DV
Fathom Film Group Ltd.
Ann Shin, Melanie Horkan,
Hannah Donegan

Documentary Channel
If popping a pill could make you smarter,
wittier or increase your memory, would
you take it? Smart Drugs follows host
Derek Muller down the rabbit hole into
the world of cognitive enhancement
Alphee photo still Stage CC/DV
Stage Butternut Productions Inc.
Jamie Kastner, Laura Kastner,
Abby Ainsworth, Lindsay Kutner

Documentary Channel
This documentary reveals a thrilling,
unprecedented and fresh look into a cru-
cial part of the Michelin chef hierarchy:
Alphee photo still Stand Up Canada CC/DV
Proximity Films LLC Inc.
Howard Frailberg
Documentary Channel, TVO
Meet four culturally diverse comics as
they navigate Toronto's comedy circuit,
hitting roadblocks and forging possibili-
ties in an industry created by, for and
about the gatekeepers and comics that
came before them.
Alphee photo still Sugar Sisters CC/DV
Fathom Film Group
Ann Shin, Hannah Donegan
Hoping for a sugar daddy with deep
pockets to pay their bills, three sisters
enter the highly controversial world of
"sugar dating", only to find that dating
older, wealthy men for money isn't as
sweet as it sounds.
Alphee photo still The Grand Experiment CC
TGE Films Inc.
Nadine Pequeneza
TVO, Knowledge Network
Following the world financial crisis, the
wolves of Wall Street team up with social
workers, politicians and venture capital-
ists in a grand experiment: using the
profit motive to tackle everything from
crime to homelessness to unemploy-
Alphee photo still The Kingdom: How Fungi
Made Our World
R2R Fungi Inc.
Anne Pick, Simon Nasht, Bill Spahic,
Susan MacKinnon

CBC, CuriosityStream, ZDF/ARTE,
SVT Sweden
Hidden from sight, the fungi kingdom
rules life on land with the largest and
oldest land organisms alive today. Some
of these will save us, some threaten us –
and we're just beginning to understand
which is which.
Alphee photo still The Last Nazi Trials CC/DV
TLNT Productions Inc.
Ric Esther Bienstock, Ricki Gurwitz,
Jordan Nahmias, Randi Kirshenbaum

Documentary Channel, Hollywood Suite
Through the examination of the prosecu-
tion of aging former Nazi guards, The
Last Nazi Trials
explores and exposes
Germany's attempts to seek justice for
the crimes of the Holocaust before it's
too late.
Alphee photo still The Skin We’re In CC/DV
90th Parallel Productions Ltd.
Gordon S. Henderson, Stuart Henderson ONTARIO
Acclaimed journalist Desmond Cole
explores what it is to be black in 21st-
century Canada. Do black lives matter
Alphee photo still The Triumph of the 80’s
A Rock and Roll Machine
Revolver Films Inc.
Martin Katz, Karen Wookey, Don Allan,
Rob Allan

Bell Media
Take a lightning-edge ride into the 80's
through Triumph, the internationally
renowned Toronto-based power trio that
reinvented live music. Explore the peri-
od's cultural and technological innova-
tions that continue to shape our lives
Alphee photo still The Truth Is in the Stars CC/DV
Truth Is in the Stars Productions Inc.
Craig Thompson, Peter Raymont
The Truth Is in the Stars follows William
Shatner, Star Trek's original Captain
Kirk, on his personal quest to discover
the impact of Star Trek on space explo-
ration, humanity and life itself.
Alphee photo still The Way Out CC/DV
52 Media Inc.
David York, Bryn Hughes
In January 2015, seven young
Canadians left Montreal, bound for the
Middle East. They were seeking a new
life with a group calling itself the Islamic
State. The journey there was easy – the
way out, nearly impossible.
Alphee photo still Trajectoires humaines CC/DV
Alpha Zoulou Films
Galina Tomov
Canal D
A perfect baseball pitch is beautiful to
behold. But does it also hold insights
into human evolution? This documentary
explores the theory that long-distance
throwing was the precursor to the devel-
opment of language.
Alphee photo still Undercover in ISIS CC/DV
Vigilance Productions Inc.
Martin Himel
Documentary Channel
Undercover in ISIS documents the
efforts of two social media investigators
in real time as they lure ISIS into trying
to recruit them.
Alphee photo still Unit 8-200 CC/DV
Vigilance Productions Inc.
Martin Himel
Unit 8-200 profiles veterans of one of the
top cyber-defence units in the world.
Follow their journey from fledgling start-
ups to hi-tech multi-millionaires within
the space of a few years.
Alphee photo still Unstoppable: The Fentanyl Epidemic
Dam Builder Productions
Jari Osborne, Robert Osborne
Canadians have watched in horror the
mounting death toll caused by the syn-
thetic opioid fentanyl. Unstoppable: The
Fentanyl Epidemic
takes us inside this
phenomenon and discovers that the
worst may be yet to come.
Alphee photo still Voir autrement CC
Lamarche à Vélo Productions inc.
Valerie Bissonnette, Claire Lamarche,
Stéphanie Couillard

Télé-Québec, Canal-Savoir
Tackling important social issues that are
neither simple nor clear-cut, Voir
raises more questions than
answers, leaving viewers to reflect on
sensitive and complex issues long after
the credits roll.
Alphee photo still What’s with the Jews? CC/DV
Kaos Productions Inc.
John Curtin
Documentary Channel, Radio-Canada,
The stunning social, scientific and artistic
accomplishments of the Jews raise an
obvious question: How do they do it?
Alphee photo still Ziva Postec CC/DV
9249-9847 Quebec Inc.
Christine Falco, Vuk Stojanovic
Ziva Postec spent thousands of hours
editing Shoah, Claude Lanzmann's epic
documentary about the Holocaust. This
current documentary focuses on her
human and cinematographic journey,
along with her reflections on her craft.

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